September-November edition

Because I always have so much going on at the same time, in this section I would like to keep you updated on what are my current main/side projects. These are related to research, science communication or shedding light on the struggles that female scientists go through in their career. Quite a mix as you can see!

First IAVS Young Scientists working group Workshop

We can all agree that 2020 has been a super challenging year. One of the saddest events so far has been the cancellation of the 2020 IAVS Symposium that was going to be held in Vladivostok. As a part of the IAVS Young Scientist Steering Committee, I was part of planning activities and meetings to happen during the conference. Since none of our plans could materialize and given the challenges that this pandemic is putting through young researchers, I discussed with my colleagues at the committee to organize a online workshop with people in our working group to figure out what will be the emerging topics for the field of vegetation science in the next 20 years. We have ideas from an amazing group of 20 young scientists and will be having the workshop from the 13-14th October. News on this coming up soon! You can also follow our us in Tw: @IavsYoung.

Science communication

Soapbox Science Berlin 2020

Since beginning of this year, I am a proud member of the Berlin Soapbox Science Team. What is it? Check out this video in English, or in German here. We worked really hard and had an amazing event on the 19th of September in Washingtonplatz! Now we are moving from the streets to the virtual world for this year’s Berlin Science week. If you are interested, join us on the 7th Nov between 3 to 5pm for some really interesting talks. I will also talk about my work on plant invasions there!

Visit to plants and pipettes

Last month I visited the podcast Plants and pipettes and had an amazing time talking about our balcony experiment and plant invasions in general. It was a lot of fun and my first time in a podcast, or an interview actually. If you want to listen to the episode, check it our here. I can highly recommend their blog as well.

#WomeninSTEM and #Academicmom topics

WISE – Women in science ecology

I am super excited to participate in the first WISE – Ecology online conference! This will be on the 4-6th of November and it’s a space to talk about diversity and equality in ecology. It’s going to be amazing! I will have a presentation on the first day talking about family, maternity and academia, in particular when things don’t go as planned. There will be other talks dealing with topics such as including data on gender bias in academia an research, motherhood, harassment, gender or leadership and visibility of women in science. If you are interested register now!