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Soapbox Science

Berlin is a hub of knowledge and culture that hosts very successful Soapbox Science events every year since 2017, with an increasing interest both from the “berliners” and the different institutions. The diversity of the city is reflected in the different research institutes focusing on a wide range of fields. Despite all this, less than one third of the professors in Berlin are women. Since 2019 I am part of the Core Team, working to bring science closer to society and to promote gender-equality in academia by providing women scientists with a platform for promoting their own work and discipline.

I have been so lucky to work with an amazing group of female scientists from all over the world, working in different fields and with a myriad of interests, reflecting the same diversity that Berlin has. Our events happen every year in June, but of course with the pandemic we have to be flexible.

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Science communication

You can find my videos on plant invasions and presentations about what I am working on in my youtube channel.

Other presentations:

The pandemic gave me my first opportunity to present my work at a #scicomm event for Soapbox Science Berlin at the Berlin Science Week in 2020. It was an awesome experience!

My presentation talking about invasive plants and initial findings from our Balcony experiment at Kaffeeklatsch mit Wissenschaft at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin 👽🌱

Presentation at the Arg plant women seminar (in Spanish)

Alien escapists project

We aim to create a community interested in performing observation studies, experiments or both, to test hypotheses in #invasionbiology in the context of #urban environments. Our main goal is to openly communicate the process to inspire people to be involved. Ideas are welcome!

Follow us: Twitter at @alienscapists, Facebook: @alienscapists


Interview at the podcast Plants and pipettes

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