In prep

Yannelli FA, Keet J-H, Kritzinger-Klopper S, JJ Le RouxExamining the role of soil legacy effects following Acacia invasions on the restoration of native vegetation in South Africa’s Cape Floristic Region.

Teixeira LH, Yannelli FA, Attayde JL, Ganade G, J Kollmann. Functional diversity and invasive species moderate soil fertility in grassland mesocosms.

Yannelli FA, Roazzi D, Le Roux JJ, J Kollmann. Context dependency of competition outcome during plant invasions.

Yannelli FA, MacLaren CA, J Kollman. Timing of arrival and limiting similarity as modulators of invasion success.


Novoa A, (…), Yannelli FA, JRU Wilson. Invasion syndromes: An approach for achieving generalizations in invasion science. Major revisions. 

Enders M, (…), Yannelli FA, Jeschke JM. A conceptual map of invasion biology: integrating hypotheses into a consensus network. Submitted.


Yannelli FA, Novoa A, Lorenzo P, Rodriguez J, JJ Le Roux. No evidence for novel weapons: Biochemical recognition modulates early ontogenetic processes of both native and invasive Acacia species. Biological invasions: Accepted. 

Le Roux JJ, Hui C, Castillo ML, Iriondo JM, Keet J-H, Khapugin AA, Médail F, Rejmanek M, Theron GL, Yannelli FA, Hirsch H. Anthropocene plant extinctions differ between biodiversity hotspots and coldspots. Current biology: in press.

Latombe G, Canavan S, Hirsch H, Hui C, Kumschick S, Nsikani M, Potgieter L, Saul W-C, Turner S, Wilson J, Yannelli FA, Richardson D. A four-component classification of uncertainties in biological invasions: implications for management. Ecosphere 10:e02669.


Le Roux JJ, Ellis AG, van Zyl L-M, Hosking ND, Keet J-H, and FA Yannelli (2018) Importance of soil legacy effects and successful mutualistic interactions during Australian acacia invasions in nutrient poor environments. Journal of Ecology 106(5): 2071-2081.

Yannelli FA, Karrer G, Hall R, Kollmann J, Heger T (2018) Seed density is more effective than multi-trait limiting similarity in controlling grassland resistance against plant invasions in a mesocosms study. Journal of Applied Vegetation Science 21(3): 411-418.


Saul W-C., Shackleton RT, Yannelli FA (2017) Ecologists Winning Arguments: Ends Don’t Justify the Means. A Response to Begon. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 32(10): 772-773. doi:10.1016/j.tree.2017.08.005

Yannelli FA, Koch C, Jeschke JM, Kollmann J (2017). Limiting similarity and Darwin’s naturalization hypothesis: understanding the drivers of biotic resistance against invasive plant species. Oecologia: 1-10. doi:10.1007/s00442-016-3798-8

Yannelli FA, Hughes P, Kollmann J (2017). Preventing plant invasions at early stages of revegetation: The role of limiting similarity in seed size and seed density. Ecological Engineering 100: 286-290. doi:


Tabeni S, Yannelli FA, Vezzani N, Mastrantonio LE  (2016) Indicators of landscape organization and functionality in semi-arid former agricultural lands under a passive restoration management over two periods of abandonment. Ecological Indicators 66: 488-496. doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2016.02.019


Staab K*, Yannelli FA*, Lang M, Kollmann J (2015) Bioengineering effectiveness of seed mixtures for road verges: Functional composition as a predictor of grassland diversity and invasion resistance Ecological Engineering 84:104 – 112. doi:10.1016/j.ecoleng.2015.07.016

(*These authors contributed equally to this work)


Yannelli FA, Tabeni S, Mastrantonio LE, Vezzani N (2014) Assessing degradation of abandoned farmlands for conservation of the Monte Desert biome in Argentina. Environmental Management 53 (1): 231-239. doi:10.1007/s00267-013-0176-8

Other contributions

In the quest of designing grassland communities resistant to invasions during ecological restoration. Post contribution to JVS-AVS blog. See here:



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